Release notes

Version 0.10.2

The StackLight Collector plugin 0.10.2 for Fuel contains the following updates:

  • Implemented the capability for the Elasticsearch bulk size to increase when required. See #1617211.
  • Fixed the issue with the OCF script installation. See #1575039.
  • Updated the documentation with new definitions for memcached_ps_cputime_syst and memcached_ps_cputime_user. See #1576265.

Version 0.10.1

The StackLight Collector plugin 0.10.1 for Fuel contains the following updates:

  • Fixed Elasticsearch address for collectd when using network templates. See #1614944.
  • Fixed InfluxDB address for collectd when using network templates. See #1614945.
  • Updated the documentation regarding the post-deployment of StackLight. See #1611156.
  • Fixed concurrent execution of logrotate. See #1455104.

Version 0.10.0

Additionally to the bug fixes, the StackLight Collector plugin 0.10.0 for Fuel contains the following updates:

  • Separated the processing pipeline for logs and metrics.

    Prior to StackLight version 0.10.0, there was one instance of the hekad process running to process both the logs and the metrics. Starting with StackLight version 0.10.0, the processing of the logs and notifications is separated from the processing of the metrics in two different hekad instances. This allows for better performance and control of the flow when the maximum buffer size on disk has reached a limit. With the hekad instance processing the metrics, the buffering policy mandates to drop the metrics when the maximum buffer size is reached. With the hekad instance processing the logs, the buffering policy mandates to block the entire processing pipeline. This helps to avoid losing logs (and notifications) when the Elasticsearch server is inaccessible for a long period of time. As a result, the StackLight collector has now two processes running on the node:

    • One for the log_collector service
    • One for the metric_collector service
  • The metrics derived from logs are now aggregated by the log_collector service.

    To avoid flooding the metric_collector with bursts of metrics derived from logs, the log_collector service sends metrics by bulk to the metric_collector service. An example of aggregated metric derived from logs is the openstack_<service>_http_response_time_stats.

  • Added a diagnostic tool.

    A diagnostic tool is now available to help diagnose issues. The diagnostic tool checks that the toolchain is properly installed and configured across the entire LMA toolchain. For more information, see Diagnostic tool.

Version 0.9.0

The StackLight Collector plugin 0.9.0 for Fuel contains the following updates:

  • Upgraded to Heka 0.10.0.
  • Added the capability to collect libvirt metrics on compute nodes.
  • Added the capability to detect spikes of errors in the OpenStack services logs.
  • Added the capability to report OpenStack workers status per node.
  • Added support for multi-environment deployments.
  • Added support for Sahara logs and notifications.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Added the capability to reconnect to the local RabbitMQ instance if the connection has been lost. See #1503251.
    • Enabled buffering for Elasticsearch, InfluxDB, Nagios and TCP outputs to reduce congestion in the Heka pipeline. See #1488717, #1557388.
    • Fixed the status for Nova when Midonet is used. See #1531541.
    • Fixed the status for Neutron when Contrail is used. See #1546017.
    • Increased the maximum number of file descriptors. See #1543289.
    • The spawning of several hekad processes is now avoided. See #1561109.
    • Removed the monitoring of individual queues of RabbitMQ. See #1549721.
    • Added the capability to rotate hekad logs every 30 minutes if necessary. See #1561603.

Version 0.8.0

The StackLight Collector plugin 0.8.0 for Fuel contains the following updates:

  • Added support for alerting in two different modes:
    • Email notifications
    • Integration with Nagios
  • Upgraded to InfluxDB 0.9.5.
  • Upgraded to Grafana 2.5.
  • Management of the LMA collector service by Pacemaker on the controller nodes for improved reliability.
  • Monitoring of the LMA toolchain components (self-monitoring).
  • Added support for configurable alarm rules in the Collector.

Version 0.7.0

The initial release of the StackLight Collector plugin. This is a beta version.